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On Democracy

Why is it so hard for people to understand the nature of democracy?  People keep saying that they want direct democracy, that now it’s finally plausible thanks to the internet.  Don’t you understand what that means?

First off, we do not have democracy here in America, we have a constitutional Republic.  That means that we have a constitution which must be enforced at all times and no law can contradict or supersede it.  A democracy, on the other hand, is a system in which a simply majority vote is equivalent to law.

The consequences of this is disastrous.  Under a democracy, anything can be voted for.  Every sort of tyranny imaginable becomes law under a democracy.  You can vote for the loss of any right, listing every one would be impossible as the possibilities are infinite.

The greatest consequence of this however, must be the threat of charismatic leaders.  If just one person can gain a 51% following, that 51% can take away all the rights of the 49%.  Immediately the 49% becomes second-class citizens and there is absolutely no recourse as they collectively vote on the laws and the majority vote becomes law.

Remember, just because the majority believes it, does not mean that it is true or moral.


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