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What You Need to Do…Starting Yesterday

The change is going to come from you.  No government or institution will change, they profit from the old system.  Instead, you’re going to have to create a new system, one that’s separate from the existing system.  I can’t tell you what this new society is going to look like or even how to make change – there are innumerable ways to do both – but what I can do, is tell you what I would do.

The first that you have to do is break free from the system, just as I stated in my previous post with the same name.  Take as much money as possible away from the system.  Spend extra money to become self-sufficient, especially when it comes to energy.  There are many ways to do this and I will be making a page later with links to articles on how to do this.  Boycott big businesses – all of them.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you know that they’re corrupt, don’t take the chance.  Instead, buy from local small businesses and from those online businesses that you know are trying to make a difference.  And grow a garden people.  This really is one of the simplest ways to make a huge impact and there are all types of urban gardening techniques throughout the internet.  By doing this you take money away from big agriculture and big medicine as you become healthier and even if you can’t grow for all your food needs but buy organic and eat a more vegetarian/vegan diet, you will have the same effect.

Doing these things is a great start, but it is not enough.  This is as far as many people will be able to go, which is fine – if you can do this, your contribution to bringing down the old system will be tremendous – but for those of you who are extremely committed or who have the means, there is more that you need to do.  If you’ve taken your money out of the system, it’s time to become a prepper.  You need to take a portion of your money and use it for disaster preparedness.  Stock up on food and water, create a “bug-out bag”, and stock up on things that you would absolutely need in case the lights never came back on or when the economic collapse arrives – and yes, the collapse of the dollar is a mathematical certainty.  Doing this will keep you from running back to the elites of the old system and asking them for help – doing so would allow them to create another system which puts them on top again, some people call this the New World Order.  It will also put yourself as a beacon of stability in an ocean of instability.  You will be able to go to your neighbors and help them out rather than allowing them to run to the elites.  Now some people may not believe me when I say that economic collapse is imminent, but what does it matter?  If you have the means, you need to prepare.  Look at the droughts, wild fires, floods, and earthquakes throughout the world?  It is always better to be prepared for any disaster that may come rather than have a useless savings because you need supplies NOW.

Finally, you need to create community.  This is best done once you’ve done the first two and are positive that you can take care of yourself, however, it’s also a great way for people who don’t have the means to do the first two, to come together and support one another.  Creating communities, in my opinion, is how the change is going to be made.  You don’t need to love each other or even like each other, you simply need to have a mutual goal of trying to change things for the better, and a mutual respect for each other’s right to exist.  If you do this, you will be willing to support one another while trying to come to agreements on how to make a better society.  AND, if you’re willing to support and protect one another, the old system will have no effect over you and will not be able harm you.  As each community comes together and organizes, they will be able to combine with nearby communities to create larger, stronger communities.  If we can do this, a new society will certainly be created, no armed revolution necessary.  The only need for force will be to protect yourself and your community.

Of course, you will always need to wake people up – it’s a never ending battle.  However, this blueprint for change does not need a full realization of “the truth” by each person in the community.  Rather, people simply need to know that change is needed and a willingness to work together to achieve said change.


2 thoughts on “What You Need to Do…Starting Yesterday

  1. I don’t consider big business the problem. The people elect representatives that over-regulate companies, thus creating corruption when the companies try to defend themselves from the destructive effects of the regulations.

    Big, bad government is based on the moral tenet that every individual owes his “brothers” something if they fail or are needy, and the moral tenet that the pursuit of self-interest is evil/amoral/destructive. (Thus government must provide welfare and regulatory “protection from amoral businesses” for “vulnerable consumers.”) These are the altruist moral tenets that need to be abolished if government is to be restricted to its proper functions. It was Ayn Rand who challenged these moral tenets, and, so long as we are free to speak, it is her morality that we have to intellectually fight for if we are to reverse the slow collapse.

    We have to get as many people as possible to read Atlas Shrugged, and to understand her morality; to understand how the pursuit of genuine self-interest is not destructive to others. This post on my blog is one step toward that goal: The Morality of Rational Egoism: Short Notes Resources are on the Books and Links page.

    Posted by Sword of Apollo | August 11, 2012, 8:10 pm
    • While I agree with you that if we could get the government out of business, business would get out of government, businesses are still a problem. Many businesses still lobby the government to be given tax breaks and bailouts. If that weren’t enough, many of these companies pollute our air and water and lobby the government not to keep regulations off of them, but rather to keep new solutions from being patented. 96% of mainstream media is controlled by 5 companies – the same media that keeps the people from knowing the truth.
      Apart from this, bypassing large corporations and supporting small businesses will allow us to bring free markets to our local communities rather than supporting businesses that support small business killing regulations. Power is where the money is and free markets support small businesses.

      Posted by Revolutionary Press | August 11, 2012, 9:18 pm

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