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Protests Don’t Make Change

I’m glad that people are waking up and voicing their opinions, exercising their right to free speech.  However, protests don’t make change.

In 1776, the Boston Tea Party didn’t change anything.  All that it did, was make a bunch of British soldiers, tax collectors, and merchants angry.  What freed the colonies was the Revolutionary War.  Martin Luther King Jr’s protests didn’t make change, Malcolm X’s army and King’s political clout did.  Today is no different.  The Occupy protests and TEA Party protests won’t make change.  They’re only going to get you beat and arrested.

Yes, they do and did help to wake people up.  They get some people to realize the issue and agree with you, however, it also divides people.  When you protest, you’re automatically creating groups, an in group and an out group.  And, as Occupy and the TEA Party should know by now, the media is NEVER on your side.  There are easier ways to wake people up and connect as a group, it’s called the internet.

Instead of trying to get other people (politicians) to change so that they can force other people (citizens) to change, why don’t you try changing yourself?  Change your morals and your principles.  Stop spreading hate.  Whatever your protesting against, break free from it as much as possible, mostly by becoming self-sufficient so that they don’t get your money.

That’s how you make change.  Change your self, and the world will change.


One thought on “Protests Don’t Make Change

  1. Powerful thoughts – straight from heart! Keep posting buddy. The World is listening.

    Posted by oakworld | August 9, 2012, 2:23 am

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